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In the true spirit of the introvert, and the phrontist (deep-thinker), this blog is for thinkers of any ilk, those looking to grow in insight through the inevitable roadblocks along the way – all, with circular thinking, humorous sarcasmnot the mean stuff, seriousness, side roads and the occasional alliteration.

I am an intuitive psychologist, a mini-philosopher and therefore, a personal essayist and columnist (2020).  Even though I have a B.S. (bachelor of science, but if you must interpret it colloquially, that’s okay too) in psychology with an emphasis in human development; and a M.A. in family studies/sociology, I am not an expert (don’t we have enough of those?), but I can expound on any topic and escape into reverie, meditate, contemplate the proverbial navel, and go deep into the core of little things or grave matters, with equal verve.

I look to the depth of any given subject and beat it to death, put it through a wringer, run circles around it, torture out its specifics, meander around its meanings, hypothesize about it, butt up against it then retreat in paradox, only to end in more questions than answers.

I write what I know from experience – the truth as I see it.  “I am one; but still I am one” – Edward Hale.  I prefer clarity over conciseness and feel it’s my imperative to elucidate something I’ve thought deeply about in order to make it understandable – and often find the humor in the most ordinary stuff of life.

My place for uninterrupted (usually) thought and meditation on everything mentioned above, my phrontistery, is the nearby woods.

Enjoy my thoughts and leave me yours in the form of comments, if you like.

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