AFTER you’ve had a “minute to be in it”…

I’ve made an observation that one can capitalize on encouragement, positive thoughts and forward thinking only AFTER you’ve passed through that moment of discouragement, sadness, negativity or even despair.

Truly and honestly we seem to need that time to feel the pain of whatever it is that has us down.  We maybe even need to feel sorry for ourselves for a minute in order for the upswing to take place.

It might even be a misplaced gesture to attempt to “cheer someone up” when they are IN “that place.”  They don’t want or need frivolity, humor or even contact, but understanding from a distance, and a moment to wallow.

When you see them showing signs of coming out from behind the cloud*, then it’s time to encourage, insert some humor, care for them and lift their spirits with positivity.

But, only “AFTER they’ve had a minute to be in it.”


Author’s note:  Please note that my thoughts for this post focus on a brief time (probably circumstance-related & temporary) of sadness, discouragement or the blues, NOT on any protracted pattern of depression.  As friends, we are obligated to guide people we know toward professional help if they are depressed for any length of time beyond a “moment.”

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