Facebook & Depression – A Cultural Observation

Facebook escapism –

Perfect people are found only on Facebook, that alternate Stepford universe where only happiness, success, and beauty exist.  The whole of reality is hidden from the glow that is Facebook.

In the pate of celebrity suicides in the last couple of weeks (Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain) as well as returning soldier suicides running rampant, and suicides of young people escalating, one ensconced in a Facebook world wonders why.

Why are these people so overwhelmingly depressed that they would take their own lives when everybody seems so happy, together, and living life to the fullest, on Facebook?

Does the Facebook fantasy, like a virtual Stepford Village in a 24/7 365 day life on a movie set, make our culture think Facebook is the norm and “my” life is useless, ugly, unnecessary, below average, dull, depressing, and wrong, in comparison?

Oh, mon cherie?  We need a cultural and social reality check!

Facebook might as well be a collective, media broadcast, dating site where most people post only their best self images and dressed up moments.  The few who post the “other” stuff, contrary or ugly or real stuff, are routinely unfollowed or at least unliked.  Who wants to be unliked, on purpose?

So, to be liked, we hold back reality to deal with behind closed doors just like we did with sex, drugs/alcohol, and mental illness in the “olden days.”  Are the “olden days” so long ago after all, Facebook?

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