When…Recognize Faith…When

Lest you think you have no faith:

When you’re on the cusp of giving up, and that thing resembling courage rises up in you;

When the forecast is unfriendly, and a hole appears in the clouds;

When your cupboard has emptied, and a gift arrives just in time;

When the pain subsides long enough for a fresh breath to surface;

When a friend says the thing you seemingly need to hear all your life;

When that place in your soul, long dormant is ignited and set afire;

When defeat or failure are blinding your way and a tunnel of victory breaks through the fog;

When doubt and indecision threaten to ground you and clarity comes out of nowhere;

When you don’t think you can wait another nanosecond, and hope rises up in your feet, and step after step, you miraculously move on;

When all seems lost, and suddenly you’re pregnant with a new beginning;

When what you’ve been looking for your whole life is revealed to have been outside your front window all the time;

When you’ve sought fame, fortune, acknowledgement and satisfaction out in the world, and contentment, peace, and fulfillment rise from inside you, obliterating all want;

When, after hundreds, even thousands of prayers have been emitted, the unexpected, but fitting answer comes – in a whisper;

When all the doors you’ve pounded on remain closed, but a sliver of light breaks through under a closed window;

When after all the years of hoping, wishing, and begging for this one or that one to change their ways; you happen upon acceptance;

Recognize it’s faith…when…

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