Cancel-culture Column

I’m no poet but don’t you know it; not a stanza extravaganza nor alliteration configuration.  But my thoughts ought naught be canceled.  Erased or disgraced….

I wish to cancel you.  Cancel who?

Cancel you!  Cancel culture?

Who are you?  Cancel-culture-vulture.

Offends me.  Or sends me.

Cancel reading.  Cancel seeding.

Hit the ceiling.  Hurt my feelings.

Cancel dinner.  Cancel lunch.

Next cancel breakfast.  I have a hunch.

Lash out.  Cash you out.

Cancel smart.  Cancel heart.

Freak out.  Speak out.

Been canceled.  Been banned.

Unfriended.  Befriended.

Don’t like history.  It feels wrong.

It should be better.  Could be better.

Cancel learning.  Cancel yearning.

Cancel potato.  Cancel fun.

Cancel kindness.  Cancel hope.

Cancel left.  Cancel right.

They piddle on the middle.  We wait not hate.

Sun rise.  Cancel compromise.

Powerful-cancel.  Elite-control.

Cancel thought.  Cancel reason.  Who can please ’em?

Cancel gender.  With agenda.

Cancel monuments.  Cancel history.

Cancel love.  And the One above.

Cancel freedom.  Cancel speech.

Cancel prayer.  Cancel care.

Cancel-hoards.  Cancel-words.

I don’t like you.  Cancel you.

I don’t know you.  Cancel who?


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