Under Cover

Today, when I was walking on a macadam road between hiking trails; a slight wind came up and a deluge of brown leaves took flight.flying-leaves

I thought it was pretty.

Then, I thought, “there goes my leaf cover in the woods.”  Soon, the leaf cover will be replaced by snow cover.

Some of us are concerned about “cover.”  For example, our cats have always been wary of open yard (of which, we have little), and when outdoors seek the cover of shrubs, trees or garden plants.

When the leaf cover has gone for the winter, I feel something akin to naked, exposed, or empty.  Snow cover doesn’t provide the same sense of enclosure and protection as leaf cover, because it’s cold.

The first thing most of us think when we hear, “under cover,” are spies.  An under cover operative is one who has assumed another identity – they’re somebody else for a time, so that they can obtain covert information while remaining safe.  Their real identity is protected by their concealed one.

“Cover” is a euphemism of sorts for “blanket;” and most introvert personalities are all about under the covers.  We like our own company most of the time and are easily overwhelmed, out in the open.  Like our cats, we have an eye toward cover, at all times.

Another simile – like spies, we introverts also guard our identity and feel most of the time when we’re out in the open, that we’re pretending to be somebody else.  All the small talk necessary to negotiate the open makes us feel “not ourselves.”

So – cheers to all the introverts out there; well, not so much out therebut to snuggling under cover for the winter:)


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